senior secondary


Al Huda, We believe the best education comes from a place of joy, freedom and creativity. Joy in learning is at the center of who we are and all that we do. We encourage curiosity and inspire discovery.
• A Challenging Environment
We offer a challenging environment and curriculum for the curious learner. Lessons are presented thematically, helping students understand all aspects and gaining new perspectives beyond the classrooms.
• Students as individuals
With a 7:1 student – to-teacher ration, we are able to nurture and encourage our students as individuals empowering them to reach their full potential, allowing students to truly customize their education and tailor their classes to their unique interests and needs.
• Participation is key
At Al Huda, all students participate in a team sport. We create a safe place for students to try, fail and tray again both in the classroom and on the field, with a goal of teaching our students to live balanced, healthy lives.


37 full-time teachers

- part-time teachers

Average years of experience 10 yrs

60% of advanced degrees

Monthly all staff collaborative meetings

Leadership development opportunities and career paths

More than 50 hours of ongoing training a year.

Maximum Class Size

30:1 student to teacher

27 students per class

Smaller groups for language

60% of faculty

Graduated 2017

In the past five years, Al Huda graduates were selected to attend the following secondary schools:
  • Liberal Arts
  • Health
  • Agricultural

Graduated 2017

In 2017,  Al Huda English School completed renovating the Kindergarten buildings as well as construction of a new kindergarten wing

Question Answer
Founded 1985 by Ideal Welfare Trust
Current Principal Dr. Noushad. A
Students 1100+
Faculty 37 Full-time, 20 Part-time
Departments kinder Garden, L.P, H.S and Senior Secondary