senior secondary

Senior Secondary

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Nidhasha Sali .S
MSC Biotechnology,BEd
Section Coordinator: Senior Secondary


• Biology Science and Computer Science courses are offered in higher secondary.
• This institution aiming at individualistic and holistic development of each student. Besides academics our institution focuses on other sides of the students development like personality, moral development, co-curricular activities etc.

• Last few years, this section works under two main objectives
a) Experiential learning
b) Enable students to gain admission to professional courses.
• There are lot of activities done in our laboratories. CBSE recommended investigatory project for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These projects are done in school laboratories under the guidance of our faculties.
• The course offered in the Senior Secondary stage primarily aims at grooming the students in such a way that after completing the senior secondary stage they could develop competence to pursue professional courses like engineering medicine, dentistry , veterinary science, agriculture etc. in their future career. In addition to the school offers the study of computer science with all the equipment required for the purpose.

Chemistry Lab
  • We are doing lot of hands on experiences through chemistry lab. The lab is equipped with modern day sophisticated apparatus.
  • We provide first hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own.


All infrastructure , equipment and chemical are made available to the students.

Labs are designed as per the latest CBSE curriculum.  Lab is fully equipped with good quality apparatus, chemicals and amenities.  Lab is designed in a way to enable smooth working of about thirty students at a time.  Lab is very spacious and well ventilated, that ensured safety  of the students.

Biology Lab

The school has a spacious, well equipped and furnished laboratory.  It has many monocular and compound microscopes.  It has lot at botany and zoology specimen jars, charts and still and working models that is required for a sound leaning.

  • Students maintains a large herbarium for their studies
  • Students make a medicinal garden in our campus. Students from higher secondary section publish our release article twice in a week.
  • We ensure field visit nature walk some hands on tray, seminar etc. to our students.  These activities increases scientific curiosity of student.
  • In higher secondary class, Students make a beautiful indoor garden also.
  • There are two career guidance sessions conducted. That help our students to know about new courses and career opportunities.